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Don't take my word for it, hear from my clients:

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you not only for your tireless efforts at yesterday's marathon mediation session, but mostly for the creative and intelligent manner in which you helped the parties cobble together a settlement under fairly daunting circumstances."

Ray Z. Bacerdo, Esq. (Read the letter)

"David handled a mediation for me in a complicated construction defect case.  He knew exactly what buttons to push to get the parties to a resolution, in an efficient fashion.  In another mediation, we were able to resolve a case in which the opposing party had no insurance.  He communicated very effectively with the pro per defendants and got a very good result."

Alan J. Jang, Esq. (LinkedIn)

"David was our mediator in a very contentious case in which the parties were extremely entrenched in their positions.  I honestly didn't think he would be able to resolve the case but he did.  I was impressed with his skills as a mediator, and would definitely recommend him."

Carol J. Stair, Esq. (LinkedIn)

"Dave's got a no nonsense style and a pragmatic approach to settling cases.  He did his homework before the mediation, allowing us to use our time efficiently when we were actually in the mediation.  He was able to both listen to suggestinos for resolution and bring his own experience and ideas to the table to allow us to arrive at an efficient and favorable result."

Sarah F. Burke, Esq.  (LinkedIn)

"I like using Mr. Miller's mediation services because he is a very thoughtful and effective mediator.  Last year I had a very complicated case involving numerous parties.  I appreciated the fact that Mr. Miller took the time to talk with me and the other parties about the case and what it would take to bring it to a resolution.  I highly recommend him on real estate/contractual matters."

Suzette Torres, Esq.  (LinkedIn)

"David is diligent and knowledgeable.  A very effective mediator."

Robert Hamilton, Esq.  (LinkedIn)

"Other attorneys in my office and I have used David as a mediator on several cases.  David is always consistently prepared and knowledgeable about the matter in question.  His legal experience and people skills have lead to very satisfactory results for my clients.  I wholeheartedly recommend him and will use his services again in the future."

Julie Mouser, Esq.  (LinkedIn)

"David's mediation skills shined through in his ability to drive the parties to a settlement in a very sticky real-estate dispute.  David delivered strong value at a reasonable comparative cost, and he brings a solid methodology and excellent disposition to dispute resolution."

Ken Webster, Esq.  (LinkedIn)

"I want to personally thank you for your excellent effort in the mediation on the day assigned for trial in the above matter.  You will be pleased to know that your effort was a sucess.  The parties reported a settlement after the lunch hour...."

Judge David B. Flinn (Read the letter)

"I am writing to commend Mr. Miller for his extraordinary efforts .... he did not accept looming defeat in his efforts to craft a compromise, but maintained an effective, forthright, deliberate approach which successfully brought this case to a compromise ending."

Robert P. Garcia, Esq. (Read the letter)

"My client was very impressed with your input, which was essential to resolving the case.  Thank you for your very astute participation."

Paul D. Hiles, Esq. (Read the letter)




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